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Add your adverts

To place the information on our site you should do the following!

1. To Registration
2. Choose the suitable chapter for your information during your registration:

  • Cattery and representatives
  • Shops
  • Doctor
  • Salons of Beauty
  • Clubs
  • Exhibitions
  • Hotels

3. Yet a message about your registration and prove your Email.
4. Find your personal page. Enter your password.
5. Place your information.
6. Now all this information is available for portal visitors.
7. Yet a message about your payment with your imprint. (Only for paid chapters)
8. All the information is available after your payment. (You can pay for a year and more)


It's important!

You should write down all the information, that we offer you to remember. It will be necessary for you and for work with our portal.


Price and services:


1. Information about pets and Cattery.

Services: In this chapter you can place your information about your pets, cattery, kittens. You can add your adverts in different chapters. Your information will be placed on visit cards of our portal. Users can find your information using filters in different portal pets. Your detailed information you can see on You personal page.



  • Registration of any number of cats*
  • Kittens
  • Telephone*
  • E-mail*
  • Adverts*
  • Receiving letters from clubs, exhibitions, ZOO-CLUB portal administration*
  • Family branches*
  • Famous descendants
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Expert description
  • If your cat is a winner, place the results of the exhibition by yourself
  • Friends' recommendations
  • Information about the cattery
  • Reference on your site
  • Subscription for getting information about new representatives, kittens, catteries, adverts
  • Yo get inquiries from wishing to buy Kittens, breeding, getting information about breed

* Opportunities in the packet «Free of charge»


Recommendations: More detailed information will help you to involve greater number of visitors. Photos, detailed description of your pet and cattery will help you to increase the number of visitors on your page. If your pet has nurseries you are proud of then recommend them to the owner  to place them on the page «Free of charge». (They'll show your pets in the «parents» column.) You can point out your personal site in your cards, inform your friends and advertise in the internet.
(Sample your personal address: http://cats.zoo-club.info/eng/user_75/)


3 variants of placing information are available:

  • Free of charge
  • Paid (0$ payment a year **)
  • Payment for information about Kittens (0$ payment a year **)

Packet «Paid» will be available during 14 days. If you don't want to pay the service you can place the information on «Free» packet after 14 days. Yo place the information about Kittens you should pay «Paid» packet or cost of information about kittens.



2. Information about club, doctor, salons of beauty, shop, exhibition, hotel.

Services: In this chapter you can place the information about organization. Your information will be placed on our portal visit card. Users can find our information using filters in the corresponding part of the portal. Detailed information can be seen on your personal page. On your personal page you can place your detailed information, photos, porch plan, action, price, reference on your site.
Recommendations: More detailed information will help you to get more visitors. Your personal address of your page you can show in your visit cards, inform your friends, advertise in the internet.
(Sample your personal address: http://cats.zoo-club.info/eng/user_357)

Price: Payment a year — 0$**.


3. Information in the part «producers».

All the terms are discussed with our representatives or write to us.

** Prices and terms are available till 12.2016. If you have paid for a year and more, the prices are not changed during this period. The given prices are without taxes.
For advert purpose the given prices are in dollars. From Ukrainians the payment is only in hryvna.

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