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About us

Our project in only for domestic animals and everything connected with them.

The purpose of the project:

  • To unite everybody connected with pets in the project.
  • To give as much as possible information about our Partners.
  • To provide suitable and quick access to the information you want.
  • To promote the information of our partners.

What information we have got:

1. The information from the partners, who:

  • Breed domestic animals.
  • Treat domestic animals.
  • Sell for domestic animals.
  • Produce for domestic animals.
  • Turn them beautiful.
  • Help you in breeding domestic animals.

2. The information from the visitors who are interested in pets:

  • News.
  • Photo and video.
  • Questions on the subject.

For Partners:

We give you an opportunity to place the information about you on our site, that has information only about domestic animals. (We have no banners or information about films, cars, estate and other info, that doesn’t concern pets.)

You can place the information with the help of the internet or our representative.

You are given separate pages for your information. (Your info is open on a separate window and looks like a separate site.)

If you want we can place exile on your basic site.

Our Partner himself can change the information he placed.

You can always take part in our bonus programme.

On our site you can find Partners for yourselves.

We are always waiting for your offers concerning the improvement of our work.

Our specialists are always busy with the adverts of our site, it means that we will bring your new visitors.

For Visitors:

If you got on our site – it means that you are interested in the information about pets.

On our site you can find the information only on this subject.

Here you can get complete information about pets and everything you need for your pets. The information is first hand.

You can ask questions and get professional answer from people who have their hobby.

We will make your search suitable. It will help you to concretize your inquiry and to get a complete answer quickly.

We are always pleased to get your wishes to improve our site.

Take part on our draws gifts.

Copy our photos, that other visitors send us.

We are always aspire to give you maximum info about pets.

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